Acetylene Gas Plants

Acetylene (C2H2), a colorless, garlic-like odor and highly flammable gas, is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. The gas is created by having a chemical reaction between the calcium carbide and water. Such types of machineries come up with different capacities that range from 25 m3/hour to 100 m3/hour so potential buyers need to ensure their consumption. Being able to integrate state of the art technology in our products, our company achieves expertise in designing and developing the products that perform in compliance with international standards.

We have a team of experts to design, develop and supply the machines with 100% perfection. Employed in a gamut of industries for producing acetylene, the machines are of advanced design and manufactured by using a number of new features not ordinarily found in the plants of our rival companies. We provide a qualitative range of acetylene generating plants by employing technology along with design and drawing of Felice Mandressi of Italy. International approach also helps us to instill the latest technology in our machines.

With the well equipped production units and fully updated workforce, our company fabricates the machines by fulfilling the set international quality standards and parameters. The designs and drawings are employed only after being passed by the teams of expert engineers. The machines perform automatically so manual intervene is not required. The device informs the operator once it meets any breakdown by showing light or creating sound.

Components of acetylene producing plants are as follows:

  • Acetylene Generator
  • Condenser
  • Low Pressure Dryer
  • Purifier
  • Ammonia Scrubber
  • Acetylene Compressor
  • High Pressure Drier
  • Filling Manifold with two

We are a leading name in the engineering sector for designing, developing and supplying cylinder filling acetylene plants, which are technologically uncommon and very advanced. The acetylene gas generating plant is popular for being high performing and fully automatic. Furthermore, all its operations are performed automatically by pneumatically controlled valves and advanced sensors and temperature controller acquired from the international market.

Noteworthy features of acetylene plants include:

  • Working efficiency
  • Latest Italian technology
  • Trouble free operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy and compact design

Our engineers visit our customers’ location to commission and install the plants according to the user manual guide. Once the plant starts performing and operators get training, the assigned engineers leave the client. However, our customer support services are round the clock available. Our machineries function for years without any interruption. If our customers need engineer visit, we send our engineers at minimal cost.

Acytelent Generator Sideview
Acetylene Plant Manufacturing Unit
Acytelent Generator
Acetylene Plant Manufacturing Unit