Liquid Oxygen Plants

Our company manufactures liquid oxygen plant as per the latest technology & design of an Italian company namely "Felice Mandressiā€ of Italy. The Italian company is chosen as its technology has been proven all over the world for a number of features such as working efficiency, energy efficiency and trouble free operation. The liquid oxygen generating plant produces liquid oxygen with purity upto 99.7% and liquid nitrogen with purity upto 99.99%. We also provide discount time after time in order to retain the existing customers and lure potential ones. In an effort to make the plants perform exceptionally well, our company takes components from international market, and spare parts and raw materials from CE approved vendors.

Before manufacturing the devices, we ensure each manufacturing process takes place under the guardianship of experienced engineers. Our products are not only technologically very advanced, but also perform as the plants of internationally approved plants. The perfect amalgamation of latest technology and skilled workforce has enabled our company to fabricate the best product in the industry and serve a large client base. Until today, we have been serving a number of clients spread out over 40 countries.

liquid oxygen plant

Notable features of liquid oxygen producing plants:

  • State of the art technology
  • Compact design
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Air separation liquid technology
  • Skid Mounted version
  • Liquid Oxygen Pump
  • Single Electric Panel
  • Cylinder Filling station
  • Heavy Duty Compressor
  • Fully automatic functioning

We also have a well equipped R&D unit responsible to analysing the international market and upgrade our range accordingly. The engineers the department visit various countries to research and development purposes. We do not incorporate new technology or drop previous technology without consent of the team.

We offer a number of services to our customers, including installation, after sales and repair. In addition, we use technology as well as design from an Italian company for perfection. The Italian technology is recognizes for offering a number of features such as functionality, reliability and durability. With the capacity ranging of 20 cum/hr to 15000 cum/hr, the plants are fully loaded with the world class technology to better serve our customers.

Following are the steps involved for liquid oxygen and nitrogen:

Air is sucked by a multi stage air compressor and passed via the following stages.

Compression of air : This is performed by the multistage highly developed and latest air compressor.

Purification of air : This is performed through the process skid.

Cooling & liquefaction of air : This is done through a highly efficient expansion engine and also by a refrigeration unit (for 100% liquid output).

Air separation (rectification) : This is accomplished through the special air separation unit comprising of upper column, lower column and special exchangers. The separation of air is done by the cryogenic process. The final product from a liquid oxygen/nitrogen goes to the storage tank.

Cryogenic storage tanks : Cryogenic vessels are fabricated for storaging and transporting of liquid gases at sub-zero temperatures. Manufacturing of such cryogenic tanks requires special technical knowhow and sophisticated fabrication techniques. Over the years, we have developed the necessary technology and thus manufacturing cryogenic vessels.

Technical Specifications
BDM L-50 55 Liters / hr 1.5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-80 90 Liters / hr 2.5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-100 100 Liters / hr 3 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-150 180 Liters / hr 5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-200 215 Liters / hr 6 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-250 290 Liters / hr 8 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-300 360 Liters / hr 10 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-400 425 Liters / hr 12 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-500 540 Liters / hr 15 Tons per day 99.7%